Our project: Enhancing Tunisia's agricultural production- CHORBANE

The village of Chorbane is situated in the heart of an agricultural country, with ochre soil, planted with olive trees and other fruit trees that benefit from a hot and dry climate. In addition to its exceptional landscapes, the quality of its fruits deserves to be highlighted.

Our project aims to showcase the products of this Tunisian terroir.

Breaking away from common practices in Tunisian agriculture, we have decided to produce ourselves finished and packaged products, with a focus on quality, ready for sale on the European market.

Industrial mills produce average quality oil and export it in bulk. We have invested in our own press and all the necessary equipment to make high-quality olive oil on site, produced with great care, faithful to the terroir. We harvest the olives from our own olive grove. We press, filter, and bottle on the estate before exporting our production to France.

Notre huile d’olive vierge à remporté deux Médailles d’Or

Our medals : - London IOOC 2020 - EVO 2020

Our olive oil

Exceptional olive oil is the result of a meticulous production process, offering a delicate flavor and a rich aroma. It embodies the essence of the Mediterranean and adds a touch of elegance to every dish. Discover the story behind every drop of this precious oil. Exceptional olive oil reveals a subtle aroma, evoking nuances of fresh herbs and ripe fruits, providing an unparalleled sensory experience. The velvety and delicate texture of this olive oil enhances every dish and complements the finest ingredients perfectly. Each drop offers an unparalleled depth of flavor, stemming from olives grown with love and pressed with expertise.

Our production

The production process adheres to traditional methods, preserving the purity of taste and richness of aromas. Each step is meticulously controlled to maintain the highest quality standards, ensuring a pure and exceptional olive oil. The olives are handpicked at the peak of their ripeness, ensuring olive oil with incomparable flavor and vibrant freshness.

We prioritize taste and authenticity above all else.

In the same spirit, we harvest almonds, sun dry them, shell, sort, and carefully package the shelled almonds. No pesticides are used in this region, and we are very proud to be certified organic.

Our partners.